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Download 本テーブルの購読情報は EESEngineeringEquationSolverCommercialVer6p8833Drar,mortalkombatvsdcuniversePCGameISOrar,Keygenを使用したVengeanceProducerSuiteマルチバンドを、 本テーブルに登録することができます The present invention relates to systems and methods for writing or “burning” images to an optical disc or other optical recording medium, and more particularly to systems and methods for writing to and reading from an optical disc or other optical recording medium using a single laser beam and a set of two optical systems. Optical discs are widely used for the storage and retrieval of digital information and in many situations represent the medium of choice. Many standards for optical discs have been developed and promulgated by various standards committees. Among these are CDs, DVD's, and the upcoming Blu-ray (BD) disc, which represents a significant improvement over DVD. Optical discs are typically 1.2 mm thick. They are made from plastic, usually polycarbonate, and can be produced in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. When a user of a consumer device such as a portable music player reads or writes data to or from an optical disc, such as a CD, DVD, or BD, he or she is operating in an uncontrolled environment. Typically, the optical disc is placed in a disc reader or writer, which can be a part of a computer or of an audio/video device. Disc readers are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. When operating, users hold the optical disc within a defined range of distances to the disc reader or writer, and use the disc reader to place data onto or retrieve data from the optical disc. Users may vary the distance between the optical disc and the disc reader in order to fine-tune the recording or read-out process and can apply the optical disc and reader and writer to objects having varied surfaces, angles, and tolerances. The media




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